This game marks the culmination of my first year at the Gaming Tech School.
In this interdisciplinary project, our team of 11 students formed a MINI STUDIO and embarked on the creation of our first 2D game.
Adhering to specific constraints, such as an 11-day development cycle (including brainstorming), an isometric view, and an amusement park theme, we utilized the Phaser Framework.

The Team


  • Emile LEVERGER
  • Mathys LIMOUZA
  • Rémi LUCAS
  • Edgar MAURANNE


  • Anais WATELOT (Lead)
  • Nicolas BRINGE


  • Hugo MAESTRACCI (Lead)
  • Manuiva ATENI
  • Quentin RIPOT
  • Nathanaël VOGT
  • Mériadeg DUREL

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