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The main goal of this project was to create a game engine from scratch by using DirectX 12 and C++.

Engine Features


The Engine rendering contains multiple features :

  • A custom shader system, we can create different shader class linked to different .hlsl files
    • Texture rendering
    • Directional lighting
  • Each shader is bound to a material, bindable to a Mesh Renderer
  • Particle system with custom particle shader
  • Primitive Mesh creation and rendering
  • Different renderers to render different types of things
    • Mesh Renderer for 3D models
    • Particle Renderer for particles
    • Skybox Renderer for skyboxes
    • UI Renderer for UI elements

ECS (Entity Component System)

The engine is based on an ECS system:

  • entity with their unique ID and component signature
  • component that holds the main logic of the entity (e.g., Transform, MeshRenderer, ParticleSystem)
  • system registration is automatic by analysing the entity signature on each Add or Remove component


The engine incorporates a custom physics engine with:

  • sphere vs. sphere collision detection
  • space partitioning using a classic grid
  • bitmask to determine entities that can collide with each other

Game Features


The game is a 3D space shooter where the player controls a spaceship tasked with destroying asteroids.

  • The player can move in three dimensions without any camera lock
  • Laser shooting capability
  • Field of view changes based on the player's speed
  • Waves of asteroids spawn at regular intervals
  • The player can die and respawn


It's also important to note that there may be existing bugs.




The development of this project is actually being continued by Thomas DELORME


POC_01.zip 11 MB

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