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Hey, here's the lowdown on "BCS: Best Cashier Simulator"!   

We cooked up this VR gem using Unity, and yeah, we hustled on it for two weeks with a crew of four determined buds. So, picture yourself as a cashier ready to go all out to please those turbo-charged customers.

You got a mission on the fly: scan like lightning, ninja-find the missing product, and cash in by jotting down the right amount.  

Customer satisfaction is the name of the game, dude. Every second counts, and if you nail it, the satisfaction gauge skyrockets. But yeah, no messing around with the cash either. Punching in an amount lower than what's scanned might score points with the customer, but you gotta hit that financial quota.

BCS is a deep dive into the checkout hustle, where the pressure builds with every beep. Believe me, it's no walk in the park! 

Do you have what it takes to become the cash king? Show off your skills and prove who rules the aisles! 🛒💸






Build v0.41.rar 222 MB

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